Tuesday, July 14, 2009

boating in france is not as easy or as fun as it looks

As I suspected, boating in France isn't very fun. It's like staying in a caravan yet you have to navigate treacherous waters and can't go faster than 15km/h. There are lots of sunburnt Swiss people on other boats though it rains most of the time. At least the scenery along the way is pretty.


  1. ahhhaaaaaa. is this guy on one of the other boats?:)


    aaaaahahaha. i like the little heart on the door by the way

  2. Aw. Sorry it's not as fun as it seems... Man you should have been in Paris, there was the most spectacular fireworks display I've ever seen the night you posted this.
    Hope you keep enjoying the scenery and company and the like - I miss having you around!!

  3. Nicole: Aaaaaaah, yess that's the guy. Haha. Swiss people seem to love the sun but the sun doesn't love them so much.

    Sadie: Maaaaan, I'm sad I missed the fireworks. Are you in the states now? I should've just stayed in Paris. At least we've arrived in the South now.