Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dads have the coolest hats

It's been a while since I updated (*ducks under desk from shame*), but, as always, indecisive me can't decide whether to make this a regular thing again. What I'm looking for is a project, but I'm still coming up with ideas - so watch this space, but, er, not too often.

My (normally cooperative) Macbook has decided to take the day off, so I'm typing on my mom's ancient Windows laptop which she ditched about two months ago for a monstrous seventeen-inch iMac, about which she is very chuffed, even though the most use it gets is checking the occasional email... Anyway, I am currently at our house in Mauritius, and it feels as though the holidays are just dragging on. Surprisingly, I'm pretty desperate to get off the island and get back into the swing of things. Not to say I haven't had a nice relaxing time - I was fortunate enough to have some lovely visitors, in particular Nich - and I thought I'd show off a little photoshoot of our hats that we had when he was here. Both of these hats belonged to our dads respectively - though I'm technically still trying to wrestle my dad's hat (the woven one) from him, as he's oddly attached to it.