Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We like Paris and bears and shopping.

Hello friends.

It's approximately a week until I leave for my holiday in France. I'm leaving for Paris on Thursday the 25th (yes Air France, unfortunately), and will start out my vacation at the residence of my lovely friend Sadie Fulton and her family.
Sadie and I met in 2005 when we both lived in Kenya. We're both excited and already have tickets for the Main Square Festival in Arras (northern France), where we're going to see the likes of Bloc Party, Placebo and the Kaiser Chiefs. Luckyyy us.

I'm going to try and update this blog as much as possible when I'm over there.
But for now, have a bear pushing a shopping trolley.



  1. yay i'm excited about this blog i sure am

  2. Enjoy your trip. How exciting that you're making the transition from Kenya to Paris. I'd love to visit Africa someday too.

  3. Thanks. Africa is a big place! I certainly could recommend both Kenya and South Africa. :)